Senior Survey

Registration for the 2019 HEDS Senior Survey is now closed.

2019 HEDS Senior Survey

The HEDS Senior Survey asks college seniors to evaluate teaching practices and institutional conditions they experienced as undergraduates, assess the impact of their college experience on their intellectual growth and development, and describe their plans following graduation.


The HEDS Senior Survey asks seniors to report on five dimensions of their undergraduate experience:

  • Good Teaching and High-Quality Interactions with Faculty
  • Challenging Assignments and High Faculty Expectations
  • Interactions with Diversity
  • Growth on Intellectual Outcomes
  • Growth on Civic Outcomes


There are two versions of the survey: the standard version and a longer version, which includes questions about students’ satisfaction with the quality of their advising, in- and out-of-classroom experiences, campus services and facilities, and campus life.

You can administer the HEDS Senior Survey for a 3−6 week period. The survey must begin within the last 6 weeks of seniors’ final term, so the earliest possible start date is 6 weeks prior to the last day of spring classes at your institution. Survey administrations must be completed by 2 weeks after the last day of spring classes.

You must register at least three weeks prior to the start date of your survey.

All institutions will receive: a frequency report that compares your seniors to seniors at all other participating institutions and an SPSS and/or Microsoft Excel file with your participants’ responses.

Institutions in HEDS can also request an SPSS and/or Microsoft Excel file with student-level data from HEDS institutions that participated in the last few years.

The base cost of the survey is $500 for institutions in HEDS and $1,900 for institutions not in HEDS. There are some custom options for additional fees.

Suhua Dong, Gettysburg College

“Gettysburg College has been participating in the HEDS Senior Survey for many years (15+ years). Through this survey, we collect data on student engagement, student-faculty interactions, participation in high-impact practices/educational enrichment activities, satisfaction, experience with diversity,  and learning outcomes. This survey has been an important part of our institutional assessment. Results from this survey have been widely used on our campus (e. g., by president’s council, academic departments and  administrative offices, various committees and retreats).  One of the biggest benefits of participation in this survey is the opportunity of benchmarking with peers, through which we identify our areas of distinctive strengths, weaknesses/concerns, and areas of improvements.”

Neil Albert, Colgate University

“The HEDS Senior Survey informs our learning assessment for the goals of a Colgate education at the university and department levels. We also utilize it as a way of monitoring student experiences, expectations and satisfaction.”


If you would like to learn even more about your seniors’ experiences at your institution, optional survey questions can be added. Learn more by downloading the optional satisfaction questions.


Registration for the 2019 HEDS Senior Survey is now closed.

Please contact Macanda Myers if you have questions.