Membership in the Higher Education Data Consortium (HEDS)

Why join HEDS?

  • Low cost surveys
  • Active listserv for just-in-time problem solving
  • Network of supportive colleagues
  • High-quality comparative data

HEDS institutions share a range of institution- and student-level data to help member institutions improve their educational effectiveness.

HEDS administers student and alumni surveys, available to member institutions at less than one-third the cost to non-member institutions. HEDS also provides member institutions with dynamic spreadsheets with IPEDS and other publicly-available data that allow easily customizable comparison groups for benchmarking.

Institutional Researchers, Assessment Directors, and other leaders at HEDS institutions work collaboratively and in confidence to share knowledge about effectively using data of all kinds to improve their institutions.

View our membership flyer here.

Who can join HEDS?

Any college or university that:

Is private, nonprofit, and regionally accredited

Grants bachelor’s degrees

Is committed to effective undergraduate liberal arts education

How much does it cost to join HEDS?

The annual membership fee for HEDS is $3,100. See a list of current member institutions.

If your institution is interested in joining HEDS, please contact:

Director of HEDS, Charles Blaich.